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My son has been with the Academy for two years now, since he has been with Elitez, his confidence has improved so much, he is a a lot more confidence in school, I feel that the academy has made him more mature as a young person, and he is very dedicated, all the Instructors are great at the club, and I’m looking forward to the future at Elitez Karate Academy.
Overall Elitez Karate Academy is a great family club, we have been with the Academy from the start and my two kids have gone from strength to strength, my kids have tried lots of different sports and clubs, and they have finally settled at Elitez. The instructors really give 100% to all students, and they have a good balance of variety in all the classes, my kids now train three times a week, and I can’t wait to see my kids progress to their black belt with the club.
I made my daughter start Karate with Elitez, as she was being bullied at school, since she started I have slowly seen a change in her, her confidence has gone up, and the bullying has stopped, she now has more friends at school and at the club, and finally enjoys being a young girl, and going to school, I can’t thank the club enough for there efforts and dedication.
Me, my husband and two kids all joined the family class at Elitez, we had never done any Martial Arts before but thought we would give it a free trial, its one of the best decisions I have made for myself, and the family. We don’t see each other much throughout the week, and its great to train together as a family, learn some self defence and get fit, we are also in competition to get our black belts, since being a the club my fitness goals are well on task, and I have lost over a stone in weight which I’m really happy about. Great atmosphere, with awesome instructors, would advise anyone to give it a try.


Our innovative Karate school program blends two important programs into one. We are dedicated to the scholastic achievement of our martial arts students.


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We offer private tuition at VERY competitive prices with the Sensei of your choice

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